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At illabella you will find a selection of gorgeous accessories for you and your home along with some great gift ideas for every occasion.

Almost all of the items have been lovingly handcrafted in Suffolk where I strive to achieve a high standard of finish.

If I would not be happy to use the item myself then it isn’t good enough for my customers either!

Large Rustic Lace Candle Jar

Large Rustic Lace Candle Jar

I try to make products that are different, unique and eye-catching and I love working with a customer to achieve their vision - this may be a simple personalisation of an existing product or to create something totally unique.

Vintage Rose Letter Rack

Vintage Rose Letter Rack

You are in the right place if:

 You love quality handmade products

 You prefer to decorate your home with products that are not found in almost every other house in the country

 You like to choose handmade, unique gifts for your loved ones

 You prefer to support small independent businesses

Hello, my name is Carrie; I have always had a love of all things beautiful.

Growing up by the beach I would often bring home pretty shells and pebbles, I would even keep the foil wrapper from those chocolate Father Christmas’ and flatten it in a book – yes, I know it’s sad but I couldn’t bear the thought of something so lovely being thrown away!

The prettiness obsession has never gone away and now I have boxes of beautiful notebooks (that mostly are far too pretty to use for just any old thing such as taking notes).

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As a child I loved taking part in crafty activities and trying out the latest Blue Peter creations (such as a pen holder made from a toilet roll) but I never felt I was very good at it. I had the ideas in my head but I couldn’t transfer that on to paper.

Then around 2007, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and having to give up my job as a children’s activity instructor I started making again and I loved it!

I decided to start my own business. By working for myself I could have the flexibility of managing my work around my condition.

I booked myself on to as many business courses as I could find and in 2009 I started trading as illabella.

Most of what I do is self-taught, I love being inspired by shapes, colours and beautiful things.  I am always on the lookout for new craft books, online tutorials or crafting kits where I can learn new skills.

My mind is constantly racing with ideas for new products, how I can adapt something or pretty it up. In fact, I probably have enough idea notes wrote down that it would see me through the next 5 years but the ideas still keep coming!

My lovely mum is always on hand to help me out if needed and she’s usually with me at craft fairs too.

I love the fact that I can create something new, enhance an existing item and generally make the world a prettier place!

Rustic Scented Candle Holder

Rustic Scented Candle Holder

People often comment on the diverse range of products that I offer, they appreciate that they are able to buy gifts with the confidence they won’t find the same item elsewhere. And they always comment on how beautiful my stall looks at events.

I am extremely lucky to have 5 different outlets where people are able to see and buy my work (see my stockists page for more information) and I also attend a few craft fairs in the Norfolk and Suffolk area throughout the year (see my events page for more information).

I love working with customers like you to create something totally unique, a bespoke order especially for a loved one or something personalised with that extra special touch of love.